May we introduce ourselves?

We are BIOY.

Our passion at BIOY is the power of plants. To strengthen your immune system and for more mental power we develop natural products based on plants.


Strong immune system and nervous system with plant power.

Together with a team of experts, we have combined herbal cold specialists such as Echinacea, Propolis, Sage and Vitamin C in a novel preparation. We have combined these and other vital substances and processed them into mixtures that are so valuable for the immune system and the psyche. Quinoa, plant B vitamins, selenium and folic acid are decisive components in this process.

And shaped in this way, they are now on the shelves of health food stores, on the sales counters of pharmacies and in our online shop.


Our products

Immun Up

Easy to use spray with propolis, vitamin C and echinacea



Immun + D3

Immune strengthening + vegan vitamin D3 in the form of drops



Mental Up

Lasting mental balance with Mental up



What makes our products special

The range of dietary supplements is confusing. Who does what and why can it help me?
With our products from BIOY it is easy. Here are the best reasons.

More on our production

Natural ingredients

All ingredients and substances are of vegetable or natural origin.

Organic farming

All vegetable ingredients are, if possible, organically grown or wild.

Abgestimme Dosierung

Alle Zutaten sind optimal aufeinander abgestimmte Kombinationen mit zielgerichteter Dosierung.

European production

All ingredients come from European production. Acerola for our liquid products comes from organic cultivation in South America.

We know the fields, we pick the organic herbs, we extract by hand.

Lars PillmannBioy-Gründer
Über uns

That’s why there is Bioy

We sometimes have children with a cold and women who are upset. We do not always manage to eat well, take breaks, take care of ourselves. Who can manage that today?

We need the balance to make our vulnerable system work. We want to actively shape our lives. We wanted a natural alternative to synthetic vitamin and immune preparations. That is why we developed BIOY. We focus on sustainable organic cultivation and maintain strong, long-term relationships with our production partners. As a small family business, we also benefit from our experience in modern day-to-day business.

Our partners